Designing Life : Right Or Wrong?

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Dimitar Gougov
RWS 100
18 November 2015
Designing Life: Right or wrong?
Since the beginning of time, the genome of every living organism has been in a constant state of change, in fact, if it were not for this change of genome, every “human” being may still be a single celled organism. This state of change however, occurs due to natural occurrences which called for adaptation which is the reason why so many different species have come to be. Human’s have become so advanced with technology that it is now possible to chose the gender of one’s child. However, choosing all of the “desirable” traits for one’s offspring has remained in movies, for now. It all burns down to the question: “How far should we go in using genetics to enhance human life?” Messing with the natural change of the human genome for the benefit of “genetic perfection” can be much more detrimental than beneficial.
The advances in technology make it possible to be able to manipulate human genetics to produce genetically perfect humans however, these advancements do not make it a good idea. In the essay, “Designer Babies and other Fairy Tales”, (published in British magazine the New Statesman2002), author Maureen Freely argues that the many aspects and complexities of reproductive issues and the use of reproductive technology should be debated and decided publicly in a democratic way. Her argument is based on a British case regarding Raj and Hashmis, parents of a three-year-old boy, who were recommended

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