Despotic Pharaohs: The Civilization Of Ancient Egypt

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The ancient civilization of Egypt was ruled by despotic Pharaohs who were the political and religious dignitaries of upper and lower egypt.The kingdom of Ancient Egypt, whose people believed in a pantheon of various gods who governed the world around them,decided that the rule of the Pharaohs was justified through religious beliefs, but unlike the much later Kings and Queens of England, Pharaohs right to rule came not from approval by God, but from being considered gods themselves. Most contracts were oral agreements, sealed with a handshake or its ancient Egyptian equivalent in the presence of a few witnesses. But occasionally, permanent records were made which throw a light on the society and its sense of legality.The government of Ancient …show more content…

Wheat was the main crop that everyone including the Pharaoh ate in every dish.Ancient Egyptians also imported and exported goods from several neighboring countries. They exported stone and pottery vases, linen, papyrus, gold vessels, ox hides, ropes, lentils, and dried fish. Imported goods were mostly raw materials and products sought as luxury items in high society. Ancient Egypt used different forms of money before using coinage in the first millennium B.C. The Egyptians used non-coin forms of silver and gold currency, such as silver rings and gold pieces shaped like sheep, centuries before minting coins out of the metals. The earliest forms of money in Egypt were not based on metals, but rather based on a barter exchange of everyday goods.The barter trade system is a reasonably efficient method when mostly basic necessities were exchanged. Even after coined money was introduced in the second half of the first millennium BCE, barter continued to be widespread among the farming population for centuries.The Egyptians invented and used many simple machines, such as the ramp and the lever, to aid construction processes. They used rope trusses to stiffen the beam of ships. Egyptian paper, made from papyrus, and pottery were mass-produced and exported throughout the Mediterranean basin. The wheel was used for a number of …show more content…

Awakening the conscience is a purifying process that supports man to lead a fruitful spiritual life. Having realized that life on earth is a path to the other life, the Ancient Egyptians related between what man sows here on earth and what he will reap in the afterlife. Therefore, man should lead a pure life with high morality in order to enjoy the lasting life. The ancient Egyptians said that Osiris, god of the dead, taught people the art of civilization and agriculture.There were nine gods who created the universe. Osiris was a son of them. He had a sister Isis, and a brother Seth. Osiris was given control over Egypt. Seth, being the god of confusion and evil, grew jealous and killed his brother (again, according to the Greeks). Isis collected his body parts and resurrected her brother (imperfectly). They then had a son, Horus, the falcon god. Horus then followed his father’s footsteps and ruled over Egypt. But the story goes on. Seth wants Osiris’ old job. Seth and Horus contest each other. They go to the council of the gods and Horus is given the position to rule Egypt, and Osiris goes on to be god of the dead. Everyone in ancient egypt who were not royalty had a job to do,they all pitched to make life easier and modern for everyone. Women were expected to raise the children and take care of the household duties, there were some jobs available to

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