Developing An Alternative Punishment For Adolescents

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Developing an alternative punishment for adolescents can be considered as a positive opportunity for the treating adolescent, society, community and the criminal justice field. Ethics helps management differentiate what is considered right or wrong within the management and the process implemented for the treating adolescents. There are many branches considered within the study of ethics. Metaethics can be considered as the language, methods, logic structure, or reasoning when interpretation ethic terms. Identifying or classifying the behavior or standards of conduct uses the knowledge and background of normative ethics. Solving practical moral based problems such as providing alternative treatment for adolescent’s with mental health then the importance of applied ethics will be intertwined and considered. Providing education and knowledge to all staff within the organization helps staff with moral decision making choices when confusion arise from staff.
Political parties have the ability to exercise their power or authorities over adolescent inmates in many judicial systems. Force and physical coercion can be easily be used against many whether they are adolescent or adults. Ethical standards and law guidelines help minimize such behaviors by developing standards and ethical rules for professionals to follow with creating boundaries and responsibilities for leadership or management. Avoiding the opportunity for criminal justice professionals to abuse their powers is

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