Development Of Standardized Policy And Procedures

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There remains an evident need for the development of standardized policy and procedures to define and organize specific levels of competencies within the health care navigation system and address the prevailing inconsistencies. From the mid-1960s when Chairman Mao proclaimed a new health policy: a Barefoot Doctor lay health care provider program designed to address the shortage of physicians in China 's vast rural populations1-3 to the conjoint efforts in the United States’ “Great Society Mission4” to current State models which vary drastically in regards to legislation and framework, certification, scope of practice, financing, training and education5-7, a unified compendium for standards of care needs to be instilled into the healthcare navigation framework to efficiently serve concerned populations in an effective manner.
Currently, the very definition of a “Community Health Worker” is significantly confusing as existing references have attempted to clarify a definitive label within the profession, yet there remains a lack of consensus defining these terms and titles3,7-20. Although community health care navigators have existed worldwide for centuries, and more recently as the formally recognized persons (CHW, Promotores, Patient Navigator, Lay Navigator, Nurse Navigator to name a few) who serve as liaisons between their communities and health care providers and services, there remains an immense variance of descriptors vying for the same profession10,13,21. With over…
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