Deviance And The Social Institution Of Law

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Sociology, the study of social relationships that convey human actions affected by society, is important so that major social issues could yield a resolution. An area that has intrigued my interest as well as the interest of others includes law. It is vital to pay attention and study this social institution so that people can see what certain issues are taking place within lawful measures, and find out why these issues are occurring. However, within the social institution of law the subject of deviance grasp my attention the most. In class, my peers and I have covered several different theories that sociologists study and use to help solve social issues. Deviance is an interesting topic because it consist of so many different behaviors. Deviance also varies due to the different social norms. What one society considers acceptable may not be the same for others, so what one society considers departed behavior may be acceptable otherwise. To figure out what motivates an individual to turn to deviance, a sociologist must chose a theory that closely relates to this type of behavior. Firstly, there is structural-functionalism. The notes our professor provided explain that this theory assumes that the relationship between social institutions and people affects society (Sechrist ). It continues to explain that society is inter-reliant, and that everyone has a purpose. The conceptual part of this theory include the three types of functions. One is the manifest function. This means

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