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Diamond Chemicals: Merseyside and Rotterdam Project Investment decision analysis Group Name- fInatics Group Members- 1. Nishant Kumar (MP13037) 2. Rahul Naredi (MP13039) 3. Samardarshi Sarkar (MP13046) 4. Shadab Akhtar (MP13050) Summary About the case Diamond Chemicals is a leading producer of polypropylene, the polymer used in a variety of products (ranging from medical products to packaging film, carpet fibers, and automotive components) and is known for its strength and elasticity. Diamond Chemicals is producing polypropylene at Merseyside, England and in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. Both factories are identical in size, age, and plant design. Merseyside is a factory built in 1967. Merseyside production process is…show more content…
6 yrs | 3.6 years | 8.2 years | EPS | Positive | £ 0,018 | £ 0.029 | Conclusion Of the four project selection criteria set by Diamond Chemicals we can see that the Merseyside project has met all the criteria there. While on the other hand, the Rotterdam project does not meet the Payback Period criteria. So we propose to James Fawn to select Merseyside projects. There was also a reason that is included in strategic factors, namely: 1.

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