Dickey And Sexton's Poetry Analysis

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The Theme of Marriage in Dickey’s and Sexton’s Poems
Marriage is an important part of life of many modern societies. The institution of marriage was formed many centuries ago. While some of its aspects vary based on specific country or community, but the core is often the same – by contracting a marriage, both sides undertake specific commitments. Specifically, they promise to care about children that already exist or will appear in the family; or to be faithful to the partner. There is a serious problem with the second issue. Adultery is an event that was often mentioned by popular literature sources including the Bible. The poetry is not an exception. James Dickey and Anne Sexton focused on the topic in their poems “Adultery” and “For My Lover, Returning to His Wife” respectively. Authors described the theme from different points of view. Dickey highlights the considerable age of the practice and treats it as an inevitable evil. The adultery existed, exist and will continue to exist in the community. Sexton looks at the problem from the female point of view; her poem is written from the …show more content…

But, like the holiday, such relations cannot last long. A “Red sloop in the harbor/… Littleneck clams out of season” (Sexton l. 10, 12) these phrases show the adultery as pleasant, but short and occasional event. After it ends, participants should return to their common activities; and both sides understand that. Sexton also could try to say the temporality of the adultery is conditional upon the fact participants are not ready to make efforts to develop their relations. Their feelings are “luxury”, and it is difficult to maintain them at an appropriate level for a long time. That is why the narrator easily accepts partner’s decision to leave her. She recognizes achievements of the legal wife and likely understands she will not be able (and want) to repeat her heroic

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