Diet And Its Effects On Society

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Introduction Since civilisation began, diet has been a crucial aspect of human life. Apart from being vital, it has been a part of the culture over the centuries. When food is consumed, it gives the energy needed for our daily life activities. Food consumed on a regular basis is called a diet, and uniquely almost everyone has his or her special diet (Elishason, 2016). The development of diet is affected by various factors such as culture, geographical position, and religious belief. Over time, these diets might be influenced by other factors, for instance, the health condition of a person, the age, social exposure, and cost of the food. There are thousands of different diets in the world. Some are considered healthy diets and others…show more content…
This essay will discuss the increase of fast food diets in the world and it will consider the possible future impact on children as they grow into adults. What is a fast food diet? Fast food is food prepared in large quantities within a short period of time. When this food is regularly consumed, it is called a fast food diet. Fast food is often referred to as junk food because it has a high fats content, carbohydrate, sodium and sugar. Such food includes French fries, salted chips, chocolate bars and biscuits, doughnuts and soda drinks are included in this category. (Green, 2014). The ingredients used in fast food are often made with cheaper precooked and less nutritious ingredients thus; they are often regarded as unhealthy. Fast food can mostly be found in quick-serve restaurants such as McDonalds, KFC, and Burger King. Regularly consuming these foods could lead to health complications such as high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease, and obesity (CYWH, 2015). The emergence of Fast food in developed countries. The United States is the originator of fast food, which has led to fast food being universally regarded as western food in many eastern countries (Durankiev, 2015). Fast food first spread to Canada in 1953, then to Germany in 1962 and outsourcing to the Asia country such as Japan that happened in 1970. The expansion was due to the American armed forces occupation in various countries, which help to ensure the American armed forces have access
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