Difference Between Divorce And Divorce

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Legal Separation vs. Divorce
A legal separation is not a divorce. Many couples opt for a legal separation if they want to live apart but do not want to completely end their marriage. The primary difference between a legal separation and a divorce is that in a legal separation, you still remain married but in a divorce, the marriage is terminated. Also, in case of a legal separation, the two parties remain legally married and cannot remarry. But if they divorce, both partners are free to remarry once their divorce is finalized.
Why Some Choose Legal Separation?
Choosing legal separation is a matter of personal choice or preference. There are some couples who decide to go their separate ways because of religious beliefs or due to health insurance concerns. There are others who separate because they are moving to a different county or state. While these couples choose to live apart, they do not necessarily want to terminate their marriage at that point in time.
How Does One Apply for Legal Separation?
If you live in Oceanside, California and are thinking of separating from your spouse, you will have to:
• File a petition for legal separation
• Take decisions with your partner regarding child custody, child support, alimony, and property division
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There is another legal method through which a marriage can be terminated. It is called an annulment. An annulment is a decree that clearly states that the marriage was never valid. If you go for an annulment, it will be as if there had never been a marriage at all. However, everybody doesn't qualify for an annulment. You need a valid reason to claim that the marriage is void. For example, if the consent to marriage was obtained either through fraud or coercion or if the marriage occurred solely to obtain a green card or citizenship or if there was some form of misrepresentation, these could be grounds for an

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