Differences Between American And British English

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This paper compares and contrasts American English and British English. Although English is the root of both versions, there still is quite a few differences. American and British English was created over time because of Europeans traveling from England to America long ago. Though American and British English are distinguishable, both Americans and Britons could understand each other when conversing since the versions of the English language are so closely similar.

American English Versus British English
American English is both different and similar to British English. Though both use the same basic language, each hold different characteristics, tone, and meaning. Both contain their own vast vocabularies, as well as different accents and pronunciations. Although the differences between American and British English are apparent, they are often exaggerated by people.
American and British English have many differences. If a Briton were to speak to an American, the American would be able to tell that the Briton was foreign to them within seconds. Accents, vocabulary, and spelling are three of the most obvious differences between American and British English.
The first thing that separates a Briton from an American is accents. An accent is formed due to pronunciation of words, and is usually learned from the person who taught the language. Britons tend to stress -ile phrases, while Americans tend to make it the letters all into

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