Differences Between Popular Culture And Indigenous Culture Essay

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The diversity of culture is an incredible notion. It is unfathomable how the anatomy of the human race is so similar, yet so different in the behaviors and ideas that take place. The two primary cultures I am focusing on throughout this essay are the differentiation between popular culture, and indigenous culture. I will also make the point of folk culture, and how it has slowly transformed itself from its self sufficiency, to relying more on the ways of popular culture. To begin, the differences between popular culture and indigenous culture can be seen through the evidence that the indigenous culture is content with the very few materials and items that they own. While in civilized cultures, people are constantly wanting more. When an item of the popular culture was introduced to the Bushmen people, they had to face the difficulties that many encounter in today’s modern societies. Instead, the simplicities of life that the indigenous held, came hand in hand with simple emotions and simple problems. This is why they were able to remain happy and at peace within their life. In phenomenology, people would give an object its meaning. The Coke glass, for example, within popular culture this would be seen as something to drink or to enjoy with a cheeseburger. Many from popular culture would not have made this connection to the glass bottle without knowing its exact meaning. Like the Bushmen people, they had not given what civilized people would consider the “correct” purpose
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