Differences Between Spanish And New England Colonies

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In the New World from 1492 to 1700, Christopher Columbus, a Spanish explorer, discovered the New World and began bringing Spain more wealth. Bullion and indigenous people were being brought to Europe. More expeditions continued to the New World and eventually settlement began to establish. The New England, the Middle Colonies, and the Chesapeake areas became the major colonies in the New World. In 1619, slaves were shipped across the world to farm and mine the colonies to bring wealth to England. Conflict across the colonies occurred making the development of the colonies difficult. It is within this context that the Spain and England are trying to establish the New World and wealth but in different ways. There are three significant differences between the Spanish and New England colonies. Spain and England had their own perceptions of the role of religion, economic base, and treatment of indigenous people. One of the significant differences between the Spain and England was their role in religion. The Spanish wanted to spread the Roman Catholic Church throughout the world and unify the world in the belief of one God. After arriving to the New World in 1492, the Spanish forced indigenous people to convert to Catholicism. Dominican and Franciscan Friars were sent over to the New World to set up missions and to convert the natives. If the native people chose to disobey the Spanish orders and not convert to Catholicism, then natives would be killed by the Friars and

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