Differences Of Bourgeois And Bourgois

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In order to establish a society, individuals must be present and be a collective in order to ensure that the society functions. However, this does not mean that the experiences of every individual in a society will be the same. These experiences are driven and influenced by structural forces and local dynamics. This essay will explain what these two concepts are and how they are evident in Bourgeois ethnography. This will be followed by an elaboration of the relationship between these two concepts and how they affect individuals whom Bourgois surrounds himself with a lot during the period. Namely, Primo, Caesar, Ray, and Maria. Finally, concluding whether these components have shaped the lives of the characters for better or for the worst. Structural forces, also known as social structures are the hierarchies established by a society of which various interactions take place amongst…show more content…
ii) It facilitates the distribution and the maintenance of accuracy amongst regarding the knowledge of various agents within a population. (iii) Establishes a platform where cultural knowledge can be comprehensive and useful. (iv) Sets the standard regarding the conditions of which actions and behaviour is considered to be appropriate (Fischer, 2008: 2).An example of these characteristics is identified in the introduction of Bourgois ethnography, where he states that in publishing his research in a book, he hopes to use it as a medium of action in order to establish the importance of culture, the freedom of the individual, the significance of gender issues and the political economy which perpetuates the exclusion of certain individuals in American society. Along with the experiences that are a result of poverty (Bourgois, 2003:

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