Differences Of Chinese Cultures In Gary Althen'sAmerican Values And Assumptions

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As a Chinese international student studying in America, I have experienced two different cultures. I have seen Chinese practicing Chinese cultures in America, and it makes Americans think that Chinese are strange and Americans do not understand Chinese behaviors. These lead to questions of what the cultural barrier can cause and how the cultural barrier affects the life of people who have different cultural backgrounds. In Gary Althen’s article, “American Values and Assumptions,” Althen argues each group has its own culture, and he points out different American cultural values. Another article written by Yaping Tang, “Polite but Thirsty,” Tang is a Chinese international student who comes to study in America, and he discusses the difference between Chinese cultures and American cultures by mentioning different behavioral practices. Every culture is unique; however, having cultural diversity in today’s society may cause cultural conflict within the community since other people may have different viewpoints on your cultural practice and they may misunderstand your behavior. Therefore, it is important for people to understand and respect other cultural practices, and it is a good idea to adapt and learn other cultural values when people are in a new place. Overall, culture value is a collection of value that is practiced by a group of people in a country, and every group has its own cultural value to practice. Although each cultural value may not be shared or may not be agreed

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