Different Interactive Tools And Software

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Analytical tools that are advanced and more complex to understand usually require the person analyzing the information to have a specialization with these skills. However, there are many different interactive tools and software that “enable almost any business user to become an analyst and identify trends on the fly.” (Lampitt Online) These are helping companies to save money from hiring analysts and have many employees making sense of the data they are collecting. EBay has used software and techniques to have an analytical culture among their employees. EBay needs to better understand the data they retrieve and to do this they use a software called Tableau. This software “provides visualization to turn large, complex data sets into intuitive, interactive pictures.” (Lampitt Online) This is making is easier for employees to visualize quality of the data and better monitor customer satisfaction. EBay also uses Data Hub, a web portal that they created, to secure the data they get and put it all in one place for easy viewing by employees. EBay has structured three different analytical environments so that they can better keep data organized and easier to analyze different factors of the data. The first environment that eBay has is a 10-petabyte enterprise data warehouse. This data warehouse was designed to hold structured data. This type of data includes customer orders, payments, and shipping information. The second data warehouse that eBay uses is called Singularity. It

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