Different Types of Food Crops

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Different types of food crops have been originated from different countries and continents. Here is the discussion about the food crops that has been originated from the old world (Africa, Asia and Europe) and “New” World (the Americas).
Group 1:
The food crops that originated from old world (Africa, Asia and Europe) include Spinach, Turnip, Mustard, Onions, Carrots, Cucumbers, Barley, Eggplant, Millet, Pea and Radish.
Group 2:
On the other hand, the food crops that originated from the “New” world (the Americas) include Tomatoes, Pumpkins, Pole beans, Tobacco, Potatoes, Chili and peanut.
Impact in Modern Global Food System:
A very famous example of the American food crop is the Potatoes which are being used throughout the world and became very essential throughout the world. Actually, the potatoes originated from the South America and they are considered very important food crop because they can easily resist the intense conditions of cold and can easily grow in thin layer of soil. After originated from the new world of America, their value enhanced when they reached to the Africa, Asia and Europe. Time by time, the potatoes became much common in the America as well as in Africa, Asia and Europe as they are easily cultivated in every sort of soil even in the weak soil of poor countries. For this reason, the common poor people or the lower class increase the use of potatoes in their meal. They play a major role in the global food system as many countries are
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