Diffusion, Osmosis and Active Transport

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This is an individual study investigating the process of diffusion, osmosis and active transport. To start you should know that substances are moving in and out of cells of your body all the time. To understand and make sense of the cells of your body, you need to know about the process of diffusion, osmosis and active transport.
All organisms need to exchange particles such as food, waste, gas and heat with their surroundings. there are two different types of ways in which substances can enter or/and leave a cell. these ways are called Passive and Active. with in these there are different processes for example, in passive process there are diffusion, facilitated diffusion and osmosis and in the active process there is molecule and particle. in this assignment I am going to discuss all of these processes starting with diffusion. diffusion is one of the passive transport processes. it is used in oxygen entering a cell and carbon dioxide leaving a cell. diffusion is the movement of particles such as atoms or molecules from a high concentration place in an area of a low concentration. this shows that they diffuse down the concentration gradient. the concentration gradient is a gradual change in the concentration of solutes in a solution as a function of distance through a solution. in biology a gradient results from an unequal distribution of particles across the cell membrane. When this happens solutes move along the concentration gradient until the concentration of the
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