Digital Forensic Paper

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Introduction Data is crucial to the success of any company and they are now increasing their efforts in soliciting and retrieving customer data to learn more about their client's preferences, likes, and dislikes. This, among other factors has attributed to a growing field of data science where data scientists learn to collect crucial data. While there are many types of data, this paper will primarily focus on digital data and how digital scientists can retrieve these data to support provide information for the crown or for the defense. This area has received more attention because criminals such as terrorists have realized the effectiveness of using digital devices to aid in their criminal endeavors (Reith, Carr & Gunsch, 2002, p.2). To combat this, law enforcement agencies are now relying on digital scientists to preserve, collect, analysis and interpret "digital evidence derived from digital sources" (Vincze, 2016, p.184) to help prevent cybercrime and prosecute (or exonerate) suspects. The purpose of this paper is then to illustrate why digital forensic is crucial to addressing the new dangers presented in our society by analyzing the strengths and demonstrating why the weaknesses of the field …show more content…

This means that digital evidence is hard to destroy and that in order to completely remove the evidence from the internet, one must possess a high level of knowledge in the area (Casey, 2011, p.26). This means that criminals who conduct online crimes will always leave online trails and it is up to the digital forensic scientists to retrieve the evidence (Casey, 2011, p.26). This is a strength and it also shows us why digital forensic scientists can play a crucial role as they are the few people that are trained in locating the trail of evidence left behind by the

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