Direct And Indirect Taxation On African People

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1. Direct and Indirect taxation were forms of taxation that European powers installed on African people. Direct taxation is a tax paid by an individual or company to whoever is levying the tax. Indirect taxation is a tax collected by a middleman when making purchases. An example of this would be paying retail tax when buying clothing.
2. Migrant labor is work that demands people to travel long distances in order to work. This was significant because male workers would travel to manufacturing sites and return home after a days work to work on their small agricultural plots. Brothels would be built in locations surrounding manufacturing sites where males would get sexually transmitted diseases and eventually bring those illnesses back home.
3. Commando leaders and commando activities were leaders of refugee camps that weren’t in the grasps of colonial administration. They were successful because they normally fought of the rights of the native people and that resulted in increasing support. Supporters provided them with food and places to stay. The activities they participated in were recruitment for their cause.
4. The Gold Coast Aborigines was a society formed to represent the Aborigines people. They published a newspaper promoting their want for education to improve their ideals and organizations. Fortunately, it resulted in the establishment of elementary schools in the Cape Coast.
5. Rev. John Chilembwe was an educated individual from Chiradzule. He founded the…
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