Direct And Indirect Taxation On African People

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1. Direct and Indirect taxation were forms of taxation that European powers installed on African people. Direct taxation is a tax paid by an individual or company to whoever is levying the tax. Indirect taxation is a tax collected by a middleman when making purchases. An example of this would be paying retail tax when buying clothing.
2. Migrant labor is work that demands people to travel long distances in order to work. This was significant because male workers would travel to manufacturing sites and return home after a days work to work on their small agricultural plots. Brothels would be built in locations surrounding manufacturing sites where males would get sexually transmitted diseases and eventually bring those illnesses back home. …show more content…

During times of economic distress, starvation, and war, the reverend could not work with in the means given to him by European. He started a revolt in 1915 that resulted in his death.
6. Mbeni was a special dance group that staged performances mocking colonial leaders. They portrayed the hate their people had for the European governing body. The significance of this was that the African people were not able to understand the meaning of the performances.
7. African National Congress in South Africa was a political party founded in 1912. In 1925 it was recognized throughout the continent of Africa, which then it implemented a new name. Their flags waved colors of black, green, and gold in representation of Africans, African lands, and the country most prominent mineral. It was significant because it was the only political organization working from 1919 to 1935 in South Africa.
8. The Italian Occupation of Ethiopia was the climatic end to the story of colonialism. The attempt of Italians invading Ethiopia brought the tragic story of African s into light nationally and internationally. The outrage that amassed the situation is what ultimately led to progressive ends of colonialism.

The economic practices of Europeans had different negative affects on African merchants, farmers, and peasants. Africans were deprived of their lands for British economic gains. Construction of infrastructure such as railroads,

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