Disability On The Ontario Disability Support Plan

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It also could increase the amount of money that is given to individual who are on the Ontario Disability Support Plan (ODSP), as they do not get a lot of money to begin with. The cost of living for an individual with a disability is a lot higher than someone who is abled-bodied. ODSP never considers where that individual is living, depending if rent is higher in the city, more than half the money they receive monthly goes to rent and leave little to nothing for food and other cost.
Learning about disability issues has broadened my previous knowledge, and finally I understand the social model of disability and comprehend the history of people with disabilities compared to when I was in school we touched upon it but never went into depth. …show more content…

We need to realize that we need to discard the perception we need to “fix” or even “cure” these individuals from their disabilities just because they do not fit the societal norm. We need to be extensive reflexivity and fathom the fact that no one will ever be “perfect” in our society when only a white-male is viewed as flawless.
Furthermore, both social work and disability studies demand that human beings recognize your privilege even when you do not think you have any. Each study has their own critique and ways that they can improve, social work needs to include individuals with both physical and intellectual disabilities in their services they provide. One of the critiques of the disability studies is that it focuses on a white body rather than an indigenous or even black individual. Most of the authors that are published in this field is done by a white-bodied person. They need to be more diverse and identify what is happening in this area and “illuminate the fragile relationship between disability, race and ethnicity in extant disability studies” (Bell, 2010). By clarifying that both indigenous and black bodied individuals have disabilities and impairments too, they will help enlighten their equality for all and distinguish that they too are oppressed. By accepting and acknowledging that people from numerous ethnicities, races, gender and different walks of life have disabilities and impairments, disabilities

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