Disadvantages Of Capital Punishment

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Michael Vaughn
Communication 100
Professor Shore

The Disadvantages of Capital Punishment
I. Capital punishment is also called death penalty. It involves government certified execution of a person as a punishment for a crime. A crime that results in punishment of death is called a criminal crime. Such a crime, also known as a capital offense, includes murder, crimes against humankind, and war crimes etc. Strictly speaking, capital punishment means beheading of a person who is found guilty of certain crimes that are punishable by death penalty. But, the question is does death kills the crime? If so then why isn’t capital punishment been able to curb the crimes altogether?
II. According to Amnesty International, 103 countries of the world have completely eradicated it for all crimes, fifty-six countries still follow the law, and six countries have eliminated it for normal crimes (while maintaining it for special circumstances such as war crimes), and 30 are abolitionist in practice (Amnesty International). Every action of society is interrelated and intertwined and the after effects have a ripple effect. Likewise, capital punishment has adverse and detrimental consequences on society. Death penalty for committing crimes, severe or less serious, cannot be a panacea for ratifying ills of society. Rather it could entail more wrongs by hitting an eye for an eye and this way whole humanity goes blind.
III. The history of execution of criminals dates back

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