Disadvantages Of Driving

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The majority of people over sixteen years old has gotten behind the wheel of a vehicle. For teenagers, driving is a right of passage for them. Teenagers believe that they are pros at driving even if they only have a few years of experience. Adults look at driving like it’s an everyday duty that has to be done; adults also believe that they have enough experience on the road. Whether drivers have one year of experience or twenty-seven years of experience, some people on the road believe that it is acceptable for them to slack off on their driving habits. Some of these “slackers” might forget to use a turn signal, leave their bright lights, or even run a red light. However, other drivers that slack off might partake in some activities that are more dangerous. Many people on the roads engage in doing illegal and deadly actions like using a cell phone while driving, driving under the influence, or speeding; all of these can lead to car accidents. Cell Phones One of the most common distractions that occurs while behind the wheel is drivers using their cell phones. People will call, text, Snapchat, change the music, adjust the map, and even play games on their phone while they are driving. During the Pokemon Go fad, players would try to “catch” the Pokemon while behind the wheel. Picture an avid Pokemon Go player driving along the highway, they remember that Aberdeen Grocery is a place where they can find a plethora of Pikachus. So the player is driving along while

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