Discrimination, Social Justice And Technology

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When I first got introduced to this essay in my English class we were given three broad topics to choose from: discrimination, social justice and technology. Immediately I knew I wanted to pursue an area related with social justice because technology did not interest me one bit and I have already written copious amounts of papers on discrimination. However, I was not opposed to writing about something that could be deemed discriminatory and socially injustice. So with this notion in mind, it lead me to recollect a time I was at home listening to spoken word poetry (as I usually do) and I came across a poem entitled, “If Gentrification Was a Broom Then..” performed by a New York resident locally renown for her poetry, Crystal Valentine. I remember listening to her speak with so much passion and anger about her city being gentrified that it intrigued me to learn more about what gentrification actually is being that I knew nothing about it. Upon my research I found article after article describing the horrors of gentrification, what it is, what it does and I could not help but feel angered as well seeing as though I was born in the same borough she was speaking so firmly about: The Bronx. From then on I have always had the urge to write about this issue just never given the chance to, until now. In her poem she willfully stated that, “You cannot renovate a borough without burying the people already living there,” which then begs the question: why is this still taking place if

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