Discrimination in the Criminal Justice System Essay

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When you think of the criminal justice system, you think of justice being served to those who wish to threaten it. The criminal justice system is a very powerful system that protects our society but like society, it is not perfect. The justice system runs off of discrimination against race and gender It is believed that African Americans are the criminals, Caucasians are the victims, and women are too weak to even be in the system. Is this information accurate? I believe that crime should not be totally focused on minorities, although the media seems to portray it that way. There have been a lot of crime where a Caucasian was the mastermind and its workers who are African American get punished for those crimes. Society notices minorities…show more content…
Criminals with no money, often minorities, cannot hire the lawyers needed to defend them so they will most likely be found guilty of the crime they committed.
(http://www.law.umkc.edu/faculty/projects/ftrials/lapd/kingchronology.html) - summary
Statistics have been made to show what races are linked to certain types of crime. The Uniform Crime Report has been made to show these types of information. However, these reports only show information about offenders that the crime was resulted in an arrest. This presents many issues because there are a lot of crimes committed that were not reported. Also, the UCR only shows crime reports linked to only four racial groups, Caucasian, African American, Native American, and Asian.
There is also discrimination in the police force. According to Women and the Criminal Justice System, women are discriminated against when seeking a job in the police force (Wormer and Bartollas, 2007). Society and men who are already on the police force believes that women are too weak to carry out law and unable to capture criminals. This is an example of men being the dominant group over women. In society, women are known to be soft-hearted, loving, emotional and supportive. These characteristics make women look weak as a police officer. However, studies have shown that women are just as effective police
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