Discuss The Role Of Honduan Workers In Honduras

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In my point of view Nike was responsible for compensating the workers in Honduras because of corporate social responsibility. Nike should be socially responsible to do the “right thing” before their corporation decided to closed down their factories in Honduras. The right thing such as established proper procedure for employees benefits for post-employment, implement appropriate compensation, and set-up a wide-operational meeting in helping the employees understand the reasons of the closure. The change of stance was the effect of several Universities to canceled its sports apparel contract with Nike. Universities believed that Nike should take responsibilities for the Honduran workers who lost their job. In addition, the reason of why Universities decided to cancelled their contract with Nike was the compelled facts against the labor rights violations in closing down the factories in Honduras last January of 2010.…show more content…
This information was then obtained and passed down to the students, universities, and worker themselves before becoming involved in the protest. In the article, “Standing up to Nike” by Mariah Thompson, she explains how the Honduran law supports the Honduran workers, “It took a stand against the athletic giant after Nike closed a factory in Honduras and still refused to pay $2.6 million in severance pay required by Honduran law to the laid-off workers, most of whom are still struggling to feed their families and to find new
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