Disenfranchisement Should Be Abolished Essay

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Disenfranchisement is the act of removing a privilege or legal right. For example, voter disenfranchisement is making a certain requirement in order to vote, which can make the voter that has legal right to vote, meet a specific requirement in order to vote. There by disenfranchising the voter the right to vote. Predominantly targeting the minorities. One of the way that voters were disenfranchise during the 2000 elections was by labeling innocent people as felons. The system that was used to protect voters placed innocent voter on the convicted felon list. Voter that happens to be on that list is handed the responsibility to prove that they are eligible to vote. This would’ve been probably done under the deception of trying to eliminate fraudulent voters, although, the system was not designed that well and ended up adding voters, legally able to vote, in a list that deprived them of that right. Another way is by either polling places were closed before their stated time or moved without any notice to the voters. Some voters would’ve experienced irregularities by having their voting place, they have always gone to for years, …show more content…

There can be some issues to this law. Like previously stated if voters don’t have the proper ID with them then they would need to apply to receive one. Delays, error prone applications, people not getting notification on having to receive one, people getting confused or receiving the incorrect information on what ID is required can happen while trying to apply to one. However, if they can make the ID as an indication that they are registered to vote then when they do not appear on the list their ID’s would be a way to show proof that they are registered and would be able to vote without any

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