Disgrace Essay

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Have you ever imagined a white South African begging for money from a black man on the street? Can you believe this black man throwing few coins at him? That is what I saw when I traveled in South Africa in 1998. In fact, South Africa has undergone a rapid and fundamental change. In four years - from 1990 to 1994 - the country succeeded in getting past a painful transition from an autocratic white minority rule to a black majority rule. Its political and economic institutions have been restructured, its society transformed. Despite the fact that the racially-based segregationist policy, Apartheid, has been smashed, the battle between the whites and the blacks has just begun. "Disgrace," by J. M. Coetzee, is about the whites and the …show more content…

It is because in accordance with the Group Areas Act of 1950 the blacks were barred from living in white areas (Encyclopedia Britannica, 2001). Notwithstanding the fact that this act has already been abolished, the whites still do not want to live in a place in which the blacks live here. In Disgrace, Lurie hates to live next to a black man, Petrus. Lurie says "we live too close to Petrus. It is like sharing a house with strangers, sharing noises, sharing smells" (127). On top of that, the South Africans are now allowed to intermarry, but inter-marriage is also not accepted by some of the whites. Needless to say, they cannot accept a black man intermarries with a white woman, so Lurie says that as a Westerner, he cannot believe his ears when Petrus tells him that he would marry his daughter Lucy. Lucy, unlike her father, accepts the post-apartheid situation. When she joins Petrus' festivities, she speaks a few words in Xhosa. It was surely impossible before the last president of the white government, F. W. de Klerk repealed most of the social legislation providing the legal basis for the racial segregation. Above all, she seems to share the justifications of the black attackers of her house, and as soon as she discovers that she is pregnant as a result of the rape by them, she refused to have an abortion. On the contrary, she expects to have the child whose father is a black guy Pollux. Apart from this, she agrees to offer her farm to Petrus and to become his

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