Disillusionment Essay

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Disillusionment It is well known that the world is distinguished by awesome people. Many of them are contributed in a different way, simple citizens sacrifice their life to save others, and especially when help is needed. It is common in a certain culture that people sacrifice their time, and even their future to accomplish a goal or stand up for something. Even through, everyone has a story or experience to tell either it is fascinated or not. Therefore, the experience of disillusionment is one that is common to all. Is it right to say that every human being in the world has had the experience of believing in something that turned out not to be real? Should I believe that everyone or the whole world is somehow being a victim of …show more content…

And it was difficult for her to find the monthly payment for the studio that she rent for seven hundred dollars. She used to be depressed, and she had the habit to cry all the time. But, I used to encourage her to stay focus on her goal because she has all the potentiality to move forward. Therefore, one day she told me that she would move to another state and the following week she just disappeared and since that time I have never heard about her. But I am certain that she currently living in Florida. And even my friendship with her had been betrayed. Therefore, disillusionment invades the planet and reside in people’s heart, thought, and spirit. It is sad to see how internet that should be an instrument to teach, to construct, to encourage, and to comfort has become toxic with all the negative thoughts and comments. Nowadays, people are using the social media to destroy others such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram and…
It is heartbroken to know that our children and youth do not have any role model. The person who is supposed to be a good example for the whole world is being the worst. I truly get lost in this world. Often time, I am wondered and asked myself what is going on in this planet. I have a strong impression that everyone has a play to execute in the scene or the movie because it cannot be real. I

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