Dissociative Identity Disorder : A Condition Of Mystery

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Dissociative identity disorder is a condition of mystery that is not clearly understood because of its way of presenting in a patient. In this research article there will be in depth analysis of the condition that is so publically recognized by Hollywood but at times ignored by medical professionals. There will analysis of demographics and who is affected more; male or female will also be looked at closely. There will also be a review of what factors predispose individuals to Dissociative Identity Disorder, how it is diagnosed and how it being treated. The usual signs and symptoms will also be discussed and medical and surgical interventions. In this paper there will also be a review of complications and prognosis and nursing application …show more content…

The majority of patients with DID have memory gaps when a personality has taken over the primary personality. Some patients as being outside their body, or watching something take place in front of them that they cannot control describe depersonalization. Another sign is derealization which is when the patient may not recognize people such as friends and family. The most common sign is identity disturbances because the patient fears their alters because they have no control over them when they take over. They fear them because they have no control their actions and even some times even the host may be female or male the alter may identify as that opposite sex. The alters also may disrupt daily schedules or be ruthless, careless, promiscuous. It becomes obvious when a personality takes control over the host because the patients mannerisms change from body language, vocabulary, accents, style of dressing . What can often trigger personality changes is primarily stress and it can be any form of stress for some patients which can make debilitating because day to day tasks can become difficult if there are periods of amnesia for the patient. Not having control of the personalities is often times what is most difficult for such patients. There have been many studies associating DID attempted suicide for some the alters tend to get them

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