Dissociative Identity Disorder In The Media

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The presence of dissociative identity disorder in the media is more common than one may presume. In the media, the portrayal of the disorder is very negative. The way the media shows the disorder only builds on the stigmatization already made for the disorder which is harmful and negative towards the people diagnosed with the disorder. Some of these portrayals include the movie Split and the television show Criminal Minds. Both of these and many other films show negative portrayals of people diagnosed with dissociative identity disorder. Dissociative identity disorder is a type of dissociative disorder. A dissociative disorder can be explained as an individual becoming dissociative with his or her sense of self. These disorders disturb both memory and identity and usually have a psychological cause. Dissociative identity disorder is a disorder in which two or more identities or personality states are present in one individual. These identities alternatively take control of the individual. This causes frequent gaps in memory, which are believed to be caused by the other personality. When one personality takes control, the other one does not remember anything that took place. There has been continuing research about what causes the disorder. It is believed that the disorder is caused by intense physical or sexual trauma (Dissociative Disorders). The disorder was once called multiple personality disorder until 1994. This changed to reflect a better understanding of the
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