Divorce and the Family Life Cycle Essay

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Divorce and the Family Life Cycle Divorce is becoming all too popular in our society today. When a couple experience tough times or have one too many arguments, they automatically think divorce. Despite its prevalence couples are not prepared for it’s long, drawn out, hurtful process. Divorce does not only hurt the individuals involved, it also affects the children tremendously. While many people don’t think divorce is a bad thing. Hollywood makes divorce look cool and uneventful. When in all reality, it is disruptive. Some people would say that divorce is a lazy way out of a marriage; the cowardly thing to do when a situation presents itself. Divorce is not the only answer to marital problems, in most cases.
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Johnson, Wilkinson & McNeil (1995) specifically addresses this by stating: …the task described in this phase is to focus on the young adults' ability to differentiate from their family of origin without emotionally cutting-off from their parents, to develop adult-to adult relationships with parents rather than remaining dependent or intimidated, to avoid being triangulated in their parents' marriages. (p. 252)
Johnson et al. also conforms another task which is to form intimate and differentiated relationships with peers. They are also jointing the workforce and developing working identity and gaining financial independence. However, according to Hughes (n.d) the emotional turmoil of their parents’ divorce can make it difficult for them to focus on a career or form friendships. Hughes added that making life-altering decisions in this stage of the life cycle can be extremely difficult for the men and women of divorce.
Pre-marriage stage Tasks during this stage include, selecting a partner, developing a relationship and deciding to establish own home with someone. This stage can be most difficult for adult children of divorce. Just the thought of taking on the responsibility of having their own family can be overwhelming. Complicated by their parents’ divorce, such accumulating pressures

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