Compatibilism: Do We Have Free Will Or A Predetermined Future?

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The theory of whether we have free will or a predetermined future has caused a substantial amount of discussion for thousands of years. Philosophers, Psychologists, and more recently Neuroscientists have contributed to the good amount of controversy to figure out the truth behind human behavior. The answer, which may or may not ever be discovered to its entirety, could be one of the most considerable discoveries to have ever been found. This would open so many doors to answer an extensive amount of new questions… Do we actually have freedom? What or Who decides our final outcome? Do animals have the freedom of choice? Are some criminals innocent but just held captive by their brains? etc. The solution to the many questions that could be answered if free will is found true or not could be devastating to how humans look at human behavior. This could in turn have a massive impact on the religious society due to the fact that it could change how they view life and religion. There will always be an increasing amount of evidence that supports either free will or a predetermined universe because of improving technology and a substantial amount of people focusing on this one subject. For this reason there have been more categories added to help discover the answer of free will. The two most popular categories are Compatibilism and Libertarianism for which each have a massive amount of believers including some of the most popular philosophers from history. Compatibilism and

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