Do People Use The Whistleblowing?

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The act of whistleblowing refers to any instance wherein a member of an organization, or even a former member, tells another individual into some immoral or illegal activities of the organization to the hope that the individual will do something in order to change the practice (Near and Miceli n.p.). The individual who reports the misconduct of the organization is known as the whistleblower. The fact that different intelligence agencies were receiving different whistleblower cases, the Congress passed the Whistleblower Protection Act of 1989 in order to serve and protect the whistleblowers. However, the stated act is not applicable to anyone who is working in intelligence organizations since they have their Intelligence Community Whistleblower …show more content…

One of the major reasons why whistleblowing is no longer applicable is the fact that it does not fairly cover enough number of people. Taking into consideration the case of Edward Snowden who was a contractor of the National Security Agency and revealed a huge amount of information of the different surveillance programs of the government to the press. He presented the extensive phone and internet surveillance of the American intelligence for an estimated of tens of millions Americans (National Security n.p.). In Snowden’s case, the public is focusing on the whistleblower rather than the massive information he revealed. There are two opposing opinions about the case of Snowden wherein one side considers him as a hero while the other considers him as a traitor. For this reason, the supporters of Snowden argue that the Whistleblowing Act does not fairly evaluate the case of each individual since Snowden was charged as a criminal who violates Espionage Act of 1917 and a theft of the government …show more content…

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