Does Vaccine Cause Autism?

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With so much evidence to disprove that vaccines cause autism, why is this still a question in our society? Thanks to the media continuously covering stories about mothers who have children with autism, and celebrities who support the unlink of autism causing vaccines. A reason brought up often when talking with an anti-vaccine person, is that the side effects of vaccines are being covered up by big business. When looking at reasons why a big corporation or the government would do that, there isn’t a lot to reason with. Large corporations and the government need it’s people to run correctly. The common working class is the foundation of any successful business and the higher ranking people make sure that they(the higher ranking) can keep the people working for them. Without the working class, production lines would stop and be shut down, cutting the profits they make annually. If a large number of those people(the working class) is sick, dying, or already dead, they would also lose profits. If they make a luxury good, such as perfume, expensive shoes, and even cars, their annual sales will plummet if a large enough portion of the population gets sick since the families will be paying for hospital bills instead of vacations and other unneeded necessities. It’s not in the interest of big corporations therefore, for the working class to risk their lives and their children’s lives against something that could have been prevented.
Comparing two factories, say factory A has at

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