Does the Traditional Sports Development Continuum Adequately Illustrate the Flow of People in and Out of Sport at All Levels?”

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Collins (1995) defined Sports Development as a process in which real opportunities, processes, systems and structure are created to boost people participation into sport and recreation or to improve their performance to any grade they wish to achieve. By that time in the UK, Sport Development was linked to increase participation and creation of opportunities, as Collins highlights in his definition. The term has evolved and is defined by Hylton and Braham (2008: 8) as “a term used to describe policies, processes and practices that form an integral feature of the work involved in providing sporting opportunities and positive sporting experiences.” Essentially sport development is about “getting more people involved into …show more content…

The authors claim that players go through three different stages in sport development: the sampling, specializing and investment years. Athletes participate in a great number of sports in the sampling stage (less structures activities, intended to maximize enjoyment and flexible rules adapted to age (Côté & Hay, 2002); in the remaining two stages, athletes reduce the number of sports played and focus to practice in deliberate activities related to the sports chosen (this include more organised activities, involve effort, produce no instant rewards, and are inspired by the desire of improving performance instead of pure enjoyment; Ericsson et al., 1993).
This developmental model of sport participation explains better why is there such drops outs and re-engagement in football than the sports development continuum model. DMSP consider the reasons why athletes participate or not in sports either physical (i.e. training patterns) and psychosocial (i.e. role of significant others) (Côté et al., 2003 and Côté and Fraser-Thomas, 2007). Some athletes stop their participation. The sport development continuum model says that only some of the best ones reach the highest level of the triangle, but do not considered the ones who decide to leave the sport in and early stage. This happens in football when because the level of competence increase,

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