Dog Breeds That Are Discriminated Against Unfairly

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There are some dog breeds that are discriminated against unfairly. For example, Pit-Bulls and associated mixed breeds are known to have targets on their backs. This is thanks to vague and poorly founded Breed Specific Legislation or “BSL”. I am against Breed Specific Legislation, in my opinion, it a product of the miseducation of the public at large. As well as, a misrepresentation of entire breeds by a few dogs who, due to circumstances beyond their control acted out in a violent way. These actions unfortunately, have often brought harm to a human or other living creature.
When you turn on your television you may see a dog food commercial with a happy puppy with its head tilted to one side, you may also see a car commercial where the boy and the happy-go-lucky dog grow up together as dad drives the same car year after year. Rarely if ever is the dog in such a scenario of a Bully or Wolf-Hound breed. This is often attributed to the fact that these particular canine types look a certain way, exhibit certain behaviors, or maybe they just are not as “cuddly” as other dog breeds. For reasons as silly and illogical as this, many dogs, and specifically many Pit-Bulls are put to death, often without cause.
As a kid in the early 90’s, I recall that Rottweilers were the “dangerous breed” of the time. Pit-Bulls and other breeds, now find themselves under that same scrutiny. The fact is, that all dogs can be dangerous and are capable of harm. It will not be too long until the laws

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