Dog Puppies Essay

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Feed them to be healthy
A puppy jumps, runs and plays for much of the day. Therefore it has specific nutritional needs. A balanced and age-appropriate diet means that you become a healthy adult dog . Nowadays, we can find in the market a wide variety of canine foods that cover all the needs of their vital stages, from puppies until they reach an advanced age. Regarding vitamin supplements , they can be dispensed with because the food provides all the necessary nutrients, as long as it is specific for its age and size : puppies of small breeds require foods rich in nutrients, energy, vitamins and minerals.
When the puppy finishes the lactation and weaning period , around two months of age, it is advisable to offer specific foods for dog puppies, which are of …show more content…

Especially in the case of large dogs. they accelerate the growth of the puppy.A properly fed puppy will be less likely to have food allergies and diseases such as obesity or others that affect bones and joints during dog growth, such as hip or elbow dysplasia.

Puppies should take a specific food for their age and size
At present, puppies' foods have different varieties according to their size, so you can buy small, medium or large dog food because the needs are different, especially in energy and macrominerals (calcium And phosphorus) they need.

Food textures for puppies

From five weeks of age, the puppy can consume semisolid foods , which are served at a warm temperature several times a day. The dog's teeth come out between 21 and 35 days of age. By then, dogs can take moistened feed so that, as it becomes softer, their ingestion is easier for them. From the age of seven weeks, they can take the specific dry feed for puppies of their size. This food contains all the vitamins, minerals and nutrients necessary for the puppy to grow

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