Don Quixote Journey

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Believe it or not, I was once a legendary knight-errant by the name of Don Quixote. I travelled across the Spanish province of La Mancha with my loyal squire, Sancho Panza, in search of adventures, beautiful ladies, and princesses to whom I can offer my knightly services. I was a bold and valiant knight. My greatest and most memorable adventure, perhaps, is my encounter with the giants of the plains of La Mancha who had thousand of arms. The battle which ensued was so glorious that whoever hears of it strangely accuses me of being a madman. However, after my forced retirement from being a knight-errant, I fell ill and during my last hour I realized that all my adventures were indeed hallucinations and my greatest adventure was simply a comical duel between I and windmills. A short while after dying as Don Quixote, I became Dr. John Watson, the most trusted friend and confidant of the great detective, …show more content…

It is the easiest and most effective way to acquire new information, radical ideas, useful concepts, entertaining stories, and noteworthy opinions. We can recall that Sir Francis Bacon, in his essay “Of Studies”, wrote something similar when he said that, “Reading maketh a full man,” By that he meant reading gives us a solid foundation in a world where one can only advance himself socially and economically when he has a wealth of knowledge and information at his disposal.
Yet I believe that the most beautiful thing about reading is that it develops and sharpens our imagination. It is because of this sole fact that I chose to devote my life to reading. When we read books, especially novels; the plot, characters, and settings, are all visualized within our heads. You may not realize it but as you read more books, and the more you use your imagination, the more precise and powerful your critical thinking skills become which gives you edge in the competitive

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