Donde Hay Gana Hay Manana Analysis

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Growing up I heard the dicho, “ donde hay gana hay manana,” millions of times from my grandma and mom. Every time my grandma and mom were in the middle of gossiping, the dicho would pop-up, especially when the subject of their conversation was about a lazy person or a hardworking one.The saying has much wisdom as it explains that where there is desire there is ability. When people have negative thoughts over achieving their goals they have been known to either give up or fail to achieve them, but in reality all that one needs while trying to achieve their goals is desire. If a person really wants something they will try their hardest since in the end it is them who can determine how thirsty they are for their goals.
In order for people to get farther in life and get to the point they want to be, they need to work hard for it because they won’t know if they are able to accomplish their goals unless they really try knowing that nothing comes easy.In the saying, “Donde hay gana, hay manana,” one’s personality is crucial since it is the driving force of oneself. Being determined makes anything possible; therefore, people should do things with a positive attitude to obtain a desired outcome that could help them in present time or the near future.
One’s persona is is the driving force of this dicho. When someone is trying to attain something it all depends on who they are to determine if they will be able to attain their goals. In an article, Angela Lee Duckworth, a psychology

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