Dont Hindu Idols : DonT Hindus Worship Idols?

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Hinduism is most commonly found in the Eastern hemisphere, primarily in the country of India. However, a new addition to the Ames/Des Moines area in the state of Iowa has been added. A Hindu temple has recently gone up, and for visitors, it may be their very first glance at the Hindu religion. The religion itself is a complex system most commonly identified with different gods, goddesses, idols, comics, history, metaphors, and structures. A great portion of Hinduism revolves around the honoring of gods and goddesses. These gods and goddesses are sacred and vital for Hindu worship, and consequentially, idols are made in their image out of love, reverence, and respect. As in many religious cultures, they hold great importance. However, in Hinduism, there is a great spectrum of idol value to each individual person, which will soon answer the question of “Don’t Hindus worship idols?” The answer is complicated and simple - all Hindus worship gods and goddesses, but only some believe they fully take the form of an idol. There are at least five different levels of idol importance, and the degree ranges from utmost significance to extreme irrelevance. These different levels have been observed over many years and are not strict levels of hierarchy that a Hindu must fall into; they are merely observations of how Hindus view the idols created in the god or goddesses’ image. Foremost, Murti is the term that corresponds with a Hindu idol. There are predominantly five different

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