Dora, By Jhumpa Lahiri Essay

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At the beginning of the passage, “When Mr. Pirzada came to dine,” Lilia says, “I didn’t mean they were missing. I meant he misses them. They live in a different country, and he hasn’t seen them in a while, that’s all.” Even though she has had multiple chances to talk to Dora and her parents about the war in Pakistan and the impacts it had on Mr.Pirzada, she doesn’t bring up the issue or try to inform them about it. This is because Lilia didn’t try to history of her motherland until she met Mr. Pirzada, thus she knows Dora won’t be interested or can relate to the issue as Dora is an American. Jhumpa Lahiri critiques both modern contemporary Americans and immigrants for their ignorant, privileged life by getting the readers to view the world through the eyes of first generation Indian-American, Lilia.
Halloween is one of the most celebrated and the most marketed holidays in America; therefore, Americans buys costumes, decorations, and confectioneries which one can’t afford in war zone countries. In Halloween, children and teenagers get dressed up in their costumes and go from “house to house, walking along pathways and pressing doorbells.” When the door opens, children and teenagers would scream “trick-or-treat” and they receive candies, chocolates, and other confectioneries from their neighbours. This tradition has increasingly become more popular and sensational as more people decorated their house by stringing “rubber bats in windows,” and “turning off lights for effect.”

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