Double Happiness : A System Of Mass Consumption And Production

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Double Happiness takes place in a system of mass consumption and production where individuals expend themselves in work, and become submerged in the world of objects which they construct in face of themselves. This is made possible as the ruling class who own the means of production control elements of their society, particularly in defining or degrading the existence of the lower working class. Jade, the central driver of the film, is evidently part of the class of people who have nothing to sell but their capacity to work; thus, ejecting her into production with a lack of identity. So as a living, she distances herself from humanity as she spends most of her time working in retail or media, earning a small wage from the production of …show more content…

It offers her a standard of living by affecting how she is seen, who she can identify with, and what opportunities she will be able to experience. Furthermore, her financial position plays a major factor in the construction of the perfect public image she created so as to “save face” as the primary reason for this persona is due to her family’s desire for prosperity. This concept is initiated by the instability of penny stocks and the neglected status of low class Asian Canadians in the job market. As a consequence, Jade’s parents don’t understand or widely publicize her aspiration to be an actress and would rather her choose a more practical career in business provided by the dominant industrialized class. This motivates her to lie about her successful employment in acting, adding a false attribute to her character. On top of that, the medium through which the power structures distinguish the proletariats bring high inequality, making Jade physically vulnerable. In respect to the given notion, she is offered multiple Chinese men who can take care of her through their good income and stability from being a doctor or lawyer. This system of ideas and ideals that form the basis of production communicates to the parents that their children are unable to obtain a voice or leave a trace in their new country. Nonetheless, it is the existence of the economic divisions of a society that take part in shaping identities to some

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