Doubt in Macbeth

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Doubt in Macbeth
The play Macbeth contains doubt in many different ways. In the beginning of the play, we are struck by a very insecure Macbeth. He is indeed curious about what would happen if he were to take Duncan’s place and become the king of Scotland.
If it were done when ’tis done, then ’twere well It were done quickly. If th’assassination
Could trammel up the consequence, and catch With his surcease success: that but this blow 

Might be the be-all and the end-all, here, 

But here upon this bank and shoal of time, 

We’d jump the life to come. But in these cases 

We still have judgement here, that we but teach
Bloody instructions which, being taught, return 

To plague th’inventor. This even-handed justice
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List’ning their fear. I could not say ‘Amen’,
When they did say ‘God bless us’
Lady M: Consider it not so deeply.
M: But wherefore could not I pronounce ‘Amen’?
I had most need of blessing, and ‘Amen’ in my throat.

Macbeth has murdered Duncan. Before killing him, he expressed a worry of this giving him bad karma. In this particular quote, I find that his worry has almost developed into paranoia. It is almost as if he starts to question his belief, and whether or not he can rely on God for guidance, the way he may have done before. He realizes most certainly that this deed will be on his conscience for the rest of his life, and I think that wishes he had not done it. His wife on the other hand still shows no signs of doubt, regret or any other feelings one may expect to feel after a murderer. However, I feel that she must doubt the action too. If she had been completely convinced that it was what they had to do, she could have done it herself. In Scene 5 of Act 2, she claims she cannot commit murderer because she is a woman. The era in which this play takes place is definitely different in many ways from the way we live today, but I believe that would not have been impossible for Lady Macbeth to murderer Duncan herself. I believe that it is an ethical dilemma for her as well, she wants to be Queen, but she doesn’t want a murderer on her conscience. Therefore
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