Dr. Dimmesdale 's Faulty Attributes

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Dimmesdale’s Faulty Attributes Have you ever told a lie? Why? Why do we feel the need to lie? Is it because we are afraid of what the consequences of our sins might be, or maybe it is because we feel like lying is the only way to keep those around us content and happy. Whatever the reason is, we are all guilty of lying at some point. However, it is how you justify yourself the reason of the lie was that counts. Some, lie out of cowardice, afraid that others may think of them in a detrimental way. Self-deception is another reason to lie. Self-deception causes us to think that the only reason we are sinning is for the good of others. However, what good will lying do for us and to what end will it lead us? Nathaniel Hawthorne creates the character of Arthur Dimmesdale to illustrate how a lie derived of cowardice and self-deception lead to hypocrisy and misery. Cowardice causes Arthur Dimmesdale to hide his sins. In effect of his

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