Dr. Martin Luther King Jr 's Speech

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What makes Dr. Martin Luther King Jr’s speech so important till this day? It’s ability to still move people. Dr. King Jr. was one of the best speakers of his time during the Civil Rights Movement. He wrote many distinguished works, two of them being his I Have a Dream Speech and his letter, Letters from Birmingham. Letters from Birmingham Jail was written from jail after he was shortly arrested for attempting to share his views with clergymen on this racial injustice. Dr. King delivered his I Have a Dream Speech at a crucial Civil Rights rally across from the Washington Memorial. Both times he was trying to send the same message to the American people: Black Americans will no longer allow social injustices. In both works he employs figurative language and appeals. Accordingly, in Letters from Birmingham Jail, Dr. King addresses that the reason he is incarcerated in Birmingham is due to the fact that he was trying to put an end to segregation and finally put an end to the social injustice going on. His tone was patient and rational. This letter was a response to the clergymen from Alabama who wanted racial segregation. He used this letter as an instrument of freedom, his own freedom from jail as well as freedom for the black Americans. As a black American Dr. King could relate to those suffering from the injustice. He was accused of abusing the law by hosting nonviolence protests in Birmingham; this was deemed as disobedient. He spoke for himself and the other black
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