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Dr. Strangelove: Air Force General, Jack D. Ripper, orders his troops to attack a Soviet base. President Muffley brings in the Russian ambassador to the War Room General Turgidson doesn’t trust Ambassador de Sadesky. Thinks he is a spy. Russians have a doomsday device that will destroy the planet if they are attacked. General Turgidson wishes America had a doomsday device. ProQuest Document: On the Cuban Missile Crisis, “The situation would be even graver if there were any LeMay counterparts on the Soviet side. Each side might increase its alert levels to protect its forces, but the other side would see it as preparation for war and be increasingly tempted to launch a preemptive strike (page 5)” “The security dilemma…show more content…
LeMay: “If I see that the Russians are amassing their planes for an attack... I’m going to knock the shit out of them before they take off the ground. I don’t care, it’s my policy (LeMay qtd. in Lindley 4) Cold War: “‘Dr. Strangelove’ states quite boldly that man is not able to control the nuclear bomb (page 442 paragraph 11).” “It is a dismal, depressing, ‘sick’ picture of the state of man and of government that this film gives, and it it not very much alleviated by the fact that it is presented as a howling joke (page 442 paragraph 13).” Cinema Vol 2: “Kubrick’s work reveals deeper evidence of the personal involvement which distinguishes the true auteur. His develpment has been remarkably consistent through an apparently heterogeneous range of projects, and each film’s meaning becomes more confidently definable when one places it in relation to its fellows (page 561 paragraph 2).” “A number of Kubrick’s movies before Strangelove are explicitly ‘humanitarian’, consciously dedicated to protest against inhumanity, and Strangelove itself has been read similarly (page 561 paragraph 3).” “The much more polished work of Dr. Strangelove- which follows a strict scheme in which real time and cinematic time coincide, analysing an intricate network of interconnecting operations without recourse to doubling back- perhaps indicates Kubrick’s own retrospective dissatisfaction with the time-scheme of The Killing

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