Dread Scott

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How does your piece of art communicate, evoke, or inspire? What do you think the artist was trying to say with his or her work?
Dread Scott definitely created a lot of controversy between people throughout the United States with his artwork “What is the Proper Way to Display a Flag.” People started communicating and discussing the artwork with one another. This definitely evoked a lot of people negatively. Americans were very upset to see this art displayed in a public museum. People starting discussing whether or not it was right to have the flag disrespected in this way. President Bush did not approve of the artwork at all saying that it was “disgraceful” and made him worry about the idea of freedom of speech (Scott, n.d.). This artwork inspired the government to outlaw “displaying the flag of the United States on the floor or ground.” (Scott, n.d.).
Dread Scott wanted his artwork to be able to be understood by a broad group of people. I think the author was trying to say that not everyone in the U.S. has to respect the flag by not stepping on it. There are people in America that do not think that they have to follow the rule of not letting
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Has it moved across geographic space? Who paid for it, bought it, developed it? Can it be sold?
This piece of art originally was displayed in the School of the Art Institute of Chicago (Scott, n.d.). Shortly after it was displayed, the flag display was taken down because of the new law making it illegal to place the flag on the floor or ground (Scott, n.d.). However, Judge Kenneth L. Gillis argued that the new law about the flag not being able to touch the ground could not be used to prosecute artists because of the freedom of speech from the first amendment (The Thomas Jefferson Center, 2005).
Dread Scott created this artwork so he was in charge of developing it. I was not able to find if it has moved from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago or if it was bought or sold to
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