Drug Addiction Essay

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Illegality causes demand for Addiction
The drug war in Mexico is fueled by the demand for illegal drugs in the U.S as a result an estimated 90% of drug smuggled into the U.S are from Mexico. The most common illegal drugs smuggled are methamphetamine, cocaine, marijuana, crack cocaine, and heroin. Although the real question is why is there a high demand for illegal drugs in the U.S as opposed to other countries? Most arguments stem from the illegality of drugs, yet this overlooks the reality of the drug problem in the U.S. From an anthropological perspective one must understand the intricacy of the drug trade is influenced by many different social factors, for example, the amount of availability plays a major role in drug prices. Another factor is gentrification which is the process of improving living conditions that as a result raises property value and cost of living that causes poverty it driven to urban neighborhoods with higher crime rates such as drug activity. In many instances of poverty, unemployment is high and the low amount of jobs available do not pay enough to support their families because of this drug dealing becomes a viable option to make money. It is also important to mention that the majority of drug use does not come from one time users and the demand of drugs are reliant on their addictions. Numerous factors influence drug trafficking into the U.S, but the most simple explanation comes down to demand of drugs in the U.S and supply of drugs cultivated in

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