Drug Culture in Mexico

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7 November 2009 How the Drug Culture in Mexico Has Corrupted Its Youth The topic I have chosen to address is the drug culture in Mexico. I will aim to answer the question: how has the drug culture in Mexico corrupted its youth? The geography of Mexico has contributed greatly to it becoming a drug trafficking hot spot. Mexico is located in the middle of the world’s largest consumer and producer of cocaine. The United States is the world’s largest consumer of cocaine and Colombia is the world’s largest producer of cocaine. Drug cartels have taken advantage of this location and control many different areas in Mexico. In Mexico the most powerful Cartels are based in the north. The reason for this is to establish
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According to this article the young dealers employed by the cartels operate in unlicensed addiction treatment facilities. Essentially the cartels are targeting already troubled youth at a very vulnerable time. “Mexican officials and youth advocates said they fear that the rampant criminality is producing a generation that venerates cartel barons and views trafficking as a form of rebellion—as well as an escape from poverty.” (Booth and Fainaru 2) This quote is an example of the cartel praying on the weak and disenfranchised. It is very easy for a young person to view criminal activity as a viable source of income when no other options are presented to them. The authors of this article carefully describe how the strength of the cartel is exploited and used to recruit youth that have no other options.
Burnett, John. “Mexican Drug Cartels Recruiting Young Men, Boys.” 1 December 2009. This article largely focuses on Juarez, Mexico and the immense at-risk youth in the region. The article states that a growing number of youth are being recruited by the drug cartels in Mexico. The report talks about a group of young men who live at “The School of Social Betterment for Miners.” The description compares the school to a juvenile detention center in America. The article says, “This is where the city sends its bad boys” (Burnett 1). An interview is conducted with some of the residents at the school.

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