Drug Enforcement Agency Analysis

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According to the text, there are four agencies within the government involved in drug interdiction. These agencies include Drug Enforcement Agency or DEA. The DEA is only responsible for enforcing drug laws. Drug enforcement agents work primarily in the environment of drugs. DEA agents investigate drug crimes and enforce drug laws; additionally they enforce government regulation in regards controlled substance distribution. Like state and local law enforcement officers, DEA agents have the authoritative power to make arrest and carry firearms, collect intelligence for trafficking patterns and production of drugs and criminal activity (Levinthal, 2012). The U.S. Customs and Border Protection Agency are the second group of people helping to fight the war on drugs. Operating under the Department of Homeland Security, these men and women protect the import and export of what crosses the thresholds of America. Specifically, border patrol officers all entry point into the county. They monitor people and cargo trucks utilizing high-tech surveillance, x-ray and drug sniffing dogs. Both Customs and Border Control agents investigate drug smugglers, money launderers and “drug mules,” people who move illegal drugs across the country’s borders interestingly, these agencies operate a Marine and Air branch, which intercept drug smugglers that …show more content…

military aides and assist all efforts of federal and state drug interdiction agencies. The military offers many valuable facets to the war on drugs, by offering both air and ground observation and reconnaissance. Intelligence gathering transportation as well as linguistic and engineering aid, often proves beneficial to the other agencies. The Military is a valuable support team for enforcement agencies but unfortunately the Military cant conduct searches nor make arrest. The U.S. Military does have the benefit of being a global entity, having relationships with other organizations in other countries (Levinthal,

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